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Faberry Week // Day 6 // Assassins
Quinn became an assassin to avenge her bride-to-be’s death

AU: Quinn has a little crush on the new music teacher.
Faberry Week Day 6 // Teacher/Student

"She’ll never know."

a long list of short faberry fics

(because multichapter fic rec is so mainstream)

Acceptance | poetzproblem | K+
The first time it happens, Rachel is twenty-one. She knows that she will always remember the moment exactly, sitting on the sofa in her fathers’ house. A look into Rachel’s future.

Better | FerryBerry | T
When tragedy strikes, Rachel’s friends all want to support her. She just wants to be left alone. Warning: character death - not Quinn or Rachel.

Bridge Night | ohnice1 | M
Every Thursday night is bridge night. It has been for about 5 months, but Quinn never says a word. One-shot.

Chapter and Verse | Dramatricks | M
Quinn reflects on her faith and on her love for Rachel, and whether she has to give up one for the other.

The Closet | pleasurechest | M
Quinn finds Rachel gagged and handcuffed by some students in a closet. She decides to have some fun with her.

dear your name here | thememoriesfire | M
Future AU; Quinn and Rachel meet up again in college.

Did it Hurt When You Fell From Heaven? | insaneantics21 | T
Quinn attempts to woo Rachel with advice from Puck, Santana, and Brittany.

Did You Get My Message? | madwriterontheloose | K+
Rachel gets a table buddy.

Do What Feels Natural | K’sChoiceofAFI | M
Quinn accompanies Rachel to the bridal shop to pick out their dresses. Quinn tries to be a supportive friend to Rachel, but finds it impossible the moment Rachel chooses her dress. Based off of 3x14 promo.

Faberry Alphabet Challenge | memoryofamemory | M

Faker | sulkygeek | M
Rachel and Quinn get together, but Quinn discovers that Rachel isn’t as good a person as she pretends to be (i.e. Rachel is only with Quinn to fuck with her emotionally) This is not a happy story. Rachel does not come across as cute and cuddly in this.

GTL Is The Way Of Life | lady_a13 | M
"Why can’t you just ask me out like a normal person?"

The Hardest Part About Saying Hello is Goodbye | kben | T
Quinn’s a time-traveler.

Heartsease | Frensayce | M
Medieval Ruler!Quinn and Sex Slave!Rachel.

Hero in a Half Shell, Tortoise Power | insanely.quirky | M
Rachel has a pet sulcata that nudges things into the right direction.

If I Were a Boy | Queen Nan | T
She’s just a girl…

It always starts with a kiss… | grdnofevrythng | M
The first five times Rachel and Quinn have sex.

Kiss Me | suchaboii | T
This is a fill for this prompt over the rq meme on LJ. “In order to raise money for the bus to Sectionals/Regionals/Nationals… whatever, Rachel comes up with the brilliant idea for them to set up a kissing booth in order to raise the money.” One-shot.

Kiss Me Thru the Phone | roxystyle011 | T
Quinn and Rachel’s text conversations. Faberry.

Let the Distance Keep Us Together | powergrapes | M
Rachel and Quinn break up when they go to college.

Locks and Windows | insaneantics21 | K+
A little story about why Rachel didn’t lock her window for most of her senior year.

Lonely Table, Empty Heart | musicbendr | K+
Quinn tells Finn the truth, and he doesn’t take it all too well. Quinn/Rachel.

Lovestain | mermaiddrunk | M
"The movies never prepare you for this." Quinn takes Rachel’s virginity. What happens after?

Make Me Feel So Damn Unpretty | roxystyle011 | T
There’s a reason Quinn’s the way that she is. Lucy/Rachel Quinn/Rachel.

Making Angels Cry | cydoniia | T
Quinn has a list of things to do before she graduates. Rachel helps. Faberry.

Monday | blairdrof | T
Quinn Fabray has detached herself from everyone and changed her appearance radically, and Rachel is determined to find out exactly why.

No Sign of a Parachute | SkyWarrior108 | T
When Rachel finds out that gay teens are at a higher risk of attempting suicide, she rallies the glee club to come to Kurt’s aid. But unknown to everyone else, Quinn is deeply closeted, struggling with her sexuality and her feelings for Rachel.

The Part of Me No One Else Can Find | grdnofevrythng | M
AU: Rachel is a Jew in Holland during 1943-1945. Quinn’s hiding her, but Quinn’s father is a Nazi-supporter.

Perfect Disinterest | bazinga01 | M
AU. Rachel is pursuing a teaching degree and ends up working at McKinley High School. Quinn is her rebellious pink-haired student who refuses to succeed, forcing Rachel to continuously seek the girl out. One-Shot

Question of Fact | roxystyle011 | T
Co-written with STIX04… The glee club is convinced something is going on between Rachel and Quinn…they have a lot of evidence. Faberry.

Quinn’s Field | WideOpenWindow | T
AU Faberry Oneshot. Quinn and Rachel meet in a field at the age of 10 and each summer they return to that field to live out the secret friendship that Quinn’s father disapproves of. Progression of relationship as the grow and realize why they have to hide

Reading Material | FerryBerry | M
AU. Quinn decides to return Rachel’s glee notes to her, and instead finds some interesting reading material. Part 1 of the ‘Reading Material’ series.

Riding in Cars With Girls | WaveGoodbye | M
After Quinn quit Glee club and joined a band Rachel feels the gap Quinn has left and sets out to get her back, whatever the cost. But what happens when Quinn’s only condition involves her car and Rachel’s lips on hers every day at five? Punk!Quinn

Romantic Ulterior Motives | anan0maly | M
Post 1x07 Throwdown. Quinn and Rachel had an argument at school. Quinn reflects over the argument and confronts Rachel.

Saints and Sinners | sourrific | M
Quinn plots, fails, succeeds, freaks out, does something stupid, does something right, and then… well, you’ll see.

Santa’s Little Helper | stix04 | M
Rachel was just trying to be nice when she bought Quinn the massage kit for Christmas…she didn’t realize HOW nice a gift it truly was.

She’s a WOW! | Frensayce | M
Akron, Ohio, 1942. Pregnant and hormonal Quinn needs Rachel’s help.

The Silence of a Kiss | Dramatricks | M
This is from a prompt at the glee angst meme: How do Rachel and Quinn cope when they get the news that Rachel Berry is going deaf?

Sinking Like A Stone In the Sea | powergrapes | M
Rachel, Quinn, hate and alcohol-infused sex.

Somewhere, Tonight | BattlingBard | M
Future!fic. After high school, Rachel goes to Juillard, Quinn heads to L.A. We pick up the story one night five years later.

Substantial Evidence to the Contrary | K’sChoiceofAFI | M
Quinn corners Rachel in a bathroom stall and asks her to do a very important favor.

Surprise | FerryBerry | T
Quinn keeps kissing Rachel. Now, if only Rachel could get her to talk to her…

Tactile | Bladed Darkness | K
Quinn & Rachel are in a newly formed relationship. Rachel finds out how affectionate Quinn is, always touching her hair, her waist, her back, her neck, holding hands, kissing her cheek etc. It takes some getting used to. Prompt at the Glee Feme Meme.

Take Me Higher | iceonthewing | M
Quinn shares the secret under her bed with Rachel, taking the girl to places she has never been before. Faberry. Warning: Drugs&Sex

thorns and thistles | mermaiddrunk | T
"It happened because they were careless." Quinn’s world comes crashing down around her when her parents find out about her relationship with Rachel.

Until You’ve Had Enough and You’re Ready to Stop | BrioScotty | M
AU. Rachel finds her college roommate’s stash of porn. Stuff happens.

Untitled aka Rachel Bench | pleasurechest | M
Rachel, Quinn, and an empty locker room.

What I Know | roxystyle011 | T
Finn was right, Quinn really doesn’t feel anything anymore…except for when it comes to Rachel. Faberry.

Wonderwall | missanomalous | T
Vignettes about Quinn’s life as she integrates into the Berry household.

you say my name like there could be an us | biruuu | T
It’s Rachel’s last summer in Lima, and she’s determined to get Quinn to finally realize what great friends they could be.

You’re A Cinema, I Could Watch You Forever | anan0maly | M
A Faberry date night. In a Cadillac.

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Faberry Week // Day 4 // Skank Quinn and Goth Rachel